Working With the Angels

The community, like the individual, has a destiny. Just as in a human life, the community experiences its joys and sorrows, triumphs and tribulations. The angel of the community is also at work within the life tasks, the trials and tests of the community’s destiny. Further, the community angel also integrates the community’s efforts into the geography, the landscape, and the cityscape where the community is.

So individual guardian angels take an interest in the sacraments; and the angel of the community draws near whenever the sacraments are celebrated; the national archangel also takes an interest in what happens. Especially through the spoken word and its purity and the truthfulness of its meaning in the service, the archangels can take up the substance of what we offer and use it to guide and strengthen our nation on its evolutionary path.

The Primal Powers, the Archai, the orchestrators of humanity, are also interested in partaking in and strengthening that in the sacrament which will best serve humanity as a whole in this particular present cultural epoch. Through Michael as their current soloist, the Primal Powers draw near and partake in what streams out from the sacraments. They help humanity to practice religious life in freedom, to grasp spiritual realities not only in dreams or in the dreamlike quality of feelings, but also to experience the divine in knowing, thinking, wakeful consciousness, and then to take that experience out into the world in which we work.

We know the Christ in freedom so that we can take him into the way we think, so that along with others we can begin to offer to him and to the angels, the best of ourselves: our gratitude, our love, our devotion, our purest thoughts. We offer them as bread, as incense for the angels, as a positive contribution toward the true evolution of all of humankind. We offer ourselves so that our own eternal true core, our I AM, is given what it needs for earthly life. So that our

  • Thinking is clear and objective toward the spirit.
  • Feeling freed from subjectivity to become an organ of perception for other Beings.
  • Will is perceived as coming from others, and affirmed as our own.

We offer ourselves so that religious facts aren’t merely taken on faith, but become fulfilled as the experiential knowledge and fact of Christ walking with us, working in us. I would like to close with a verse from Rudolf Steiner, that one could think of as the voice of our angel through whose voice Christ speaks to us:

Be still and know
That I AM the power within you.
There is no might in circumstances;
There is no might in the personal;
There is power only in me
For I AM the ground, the essence of your being.

*This address was based on several lectures by Rudolf Steiner, collected in volumes titled Angels, and Guardian Angel, (Steinerbooks) as well as in a volume titled Angels in the Light of Spiritual Science, self published by Richard Lewis. Also very inspiring were Our Spiritual Companions, by Adam Bittleston, (Floris Books), and Mensch und Engel (Man and Angel), by Hans Werner Schroeder (Urachhaus, not yet translated into English).

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